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Dearly Wills + Estates

Your legal will, power of attorney, and health care directive in less than 9 minutes with step-by-step video guidance for 10x less than a lawyer. Mailed to your door.

Created by lawyers for Canadians.
Easy step-by-step video guidance.

Your legal documents are mailed to you in a secure package – no printing, no guessing.

20% off a second Will for a spouse, friend, or anyone else

Why Plan

Set out what happens to all your stuff and protect your
family when you’re dead.

Create a Trust

Would you trust yourself at age 18 or 19? Pick an age for your children to receive their inheritance.

Appoint a Guardian

Pick a person (or people) you trust to watch over your children and be responsible for them after
you’re gone.

Distribute Your Stuff

Who will get your stuff? All to your spouse? Equally among all your children? Some to charity?
You decide.

Set Out Funeral Plans

Huge party? Religious? No ceremony? Buried or cremated? Turned into a diamond or shot
into space?

Plan for Your Pet

What will happen to Mr. Sprinkles if you die unexpectedly?

Power of Attorney + Health Care Directive

Pick people to make decisions for you when you lose mental capacity (or for convenience)

How It Works

Dearly’s dynamic software seamlessly guides you through the estate-planning process with easy to understand step-by-step video guidance. Once complete, Dearly will mail your legal documents to your door.

Answer some questions in an easy and interactive way (includes videos and explainers)

Pay (one fee for life) includes unlimited edits.

We mail your documents to your door (and you can download anytime).

Enjoy your peace of mind.


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